Sign the Whitehouse Petition to Remove Online DRM in Wake of Sim City Debacle

Sim City Petition

Since its launch, Sim City has been mired in non-stop problems spanning from its requirement that the game always be connected to the internet.  Gamers who purchased the game legally have largely been unable to connect and play their game due to issues with the authentication servers.

In the wake of that, gamers have spawned an official Whitehouse petition to have online DRM removed from videogames.  With Whitehouse petitions, if the petition reaches the required number of signatures it then must be reviewed by the president.  This was tested recently when a petition to build a deathstar reached the required number of signatures and was officially reviewed and responded to by the president.  This, being less of a joke, may actually get somewhere.

So go ahead and sign the petition now and help get this thing rolling.

Click here to sign the petition.

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