SimCity To Become Edutainment


SimCity will be used as a learning tool in schools. Electronic Arts stated that it’s collaborating with GlassLab to create SimCityEDU, an online educational community that will help teachers reach out to students with interests in things like modern technology and engineering.

In particular, the program will allow students to think about the complexities of urban planning and help them to create solutions for intricate problems in our own society. Teachers will be able to share their lesson plans online.  Lucy Bradshaw of EA mentioned: “For decades, SimCity has been embraced by the educational community as an engaging videogame that also provides a powerful learning experience, teaching problem solving skills through imaginative civic gameplay.”

They’re not kidding when they say fans approach this game from a problem solving standpoint. In 2010, a person by the name of Vincent Ocasla wowed crowds when they achieved a “perfect” city in SimCity 3000. Original plans for this city date back to 2006, where more than a year was spent on theorizing optimal building patterns, before even starting the construction aspect. The result is awe-inspiring to say the least. We’ll post the video of this magnificent feat below.

YouTube Preview Image

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