Skyrim 1.5 Beta is Out Now

PC users can access the new Skyrim update via Steam as of today. The update, which introduces a ton of new features to the game, was partially built during Bethesda’s ‘do-your-thing’ week, during which Skyrim’s developers spent time on whatever they thought would make the game better. Their biggest improvement: gory kill-cam footage and custom death camera angles.

The update also includes some graphical improvements for the game, including clearer underwater footage and greater draw distances in some areas. Gamers will also enjoy an updated smithing skill system, which improves the value of created and modified items. A few in-game glitches that could affect the plot have also been fixed to ensure that no more broken save games occur.

All in all, it’s a pretty big update, and one that goes some way to improving the few small bugs that Skyrim shipped with. At the moment it’s only available to PC users – and only available via Steam – but console users should have access to a completed version of the patch soon. So far we’ve heard that it’s performing well for a beta patch, with few issues and overall improved performance.

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