Slam Bolt Scrappers And Go Home Dinosaurs On Steam Next Month

Slam Bolt Scrappers

Independent developer Fire Hose Games has announced the upcoming release of its two titles to Steam. Its current project Go Home Dinosaurs will release together with a port for Slam Bolt Scrappers on March 14, 2013.

Some may remember Slam Bolt Scrappers from its previous release on Playstation 3, where it combined Tetris with brawling in a rather fast pace. It will be ported to PC with the help of developer Twitchy Thumbs, mostly responsible for producing prototypes, but also a port for Fieldrunners.

Go Home Dinosaurs

Fire Hose’s latest endeavor, Go Home Dinosaurs, is a straight forward tower defense game where a pack of gophers defend their barbeque from an oncoming horde of dinosaurs. These beasts of many forms must be fended off by once more tiling weapons with Tetris schemes. We spent some time with it and as far as traditional tower defense goes, it’s certainly serviceable with a limited card system that provides weaponry and a mechanism that makes you rush for currency.

Both titles will either be sold separately for $9.99 each or bundled together for $14.99. Preorders are available on the developer’s website and will yield redeem codes upon release.

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