Sliced Bread Games Bring Sliced Bread To Slice Unsliced Bread

A new development agency has been born under the name of Sliced Bread Games. This studio combines workforces from companies such as EA, 2K Games, Namco Bandai and even IGN into an independent venture.

Sliced Bread SD

There first game will also bear the name Sliced Bread and will be about, get this, slicing bread. But that pun would grow old too quickly, so you’ll also be able to slice bagels and waffles and such. In short, it’s a different approach to Fruit Ninja and similar slashing games of dexterity.

Sliced Bread comes in 2 versions. The regular version for iPhone costs $0.99 and can be found here. The iPad HD version of Sliced Bread costs $1.99 and can be found here.

Now I’m hungry.

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