Sniper Elite V2 Gets GOTY Edition

Sniper Elite V2

Publisher 505 Games announced a Game of the Year edition for their first person shooter Sniper Elite V2. We weren’t aware that it had indeed won any awards, but the release was kind enough to point to its commendation in this year’s TIGA awards. Quite like Dead Island before it, having 1 award is enough to spawn a GOTY version.

In any case, this package deal bundles the game along with 5 previously released downloadable content issues, including one where players try to kill Adolf Hitler. In total, 4 new game modes will be available, along with 3 more singleplayer maps and 6 multiplayer levels, as well as 10 additional weapons. More so, this edition is priced at €39.99, so if nothing else, it’s a great value purchase for anyone that hasn’t picked it up yet. Here’s a trailer to recap.

YouTube Preview Image

Sniper Elite V2 rose to cult status after it became apparent that its close captured kill shots included such marvels as blowing out a Nazi officer’s testicles, caught on x-ray. The GOTY edition is available now. It’s an alternative to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, that other close captured sniper game that releases this month.

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    and I still don’t have this game on steam… what’s wrong with me aaaaaaaaaa

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