So, We Have A Random Massive 50 Steam Key Giveaway

Fireburst Steam Giveaway

Wait, what’s that? We have a giant giveaway, just for no reason? That’s pretty much exactly like it is. The good people over at Indie Gala have put up a contest for no less than 50 Steam keys on their Gala Giveaways site.

To make things even better, we get to giveaway a game that isn’t always present in other indie bundles and deals. We had nothing to do with the choice, but we’re immensely pleased to be able to give you a chance at the underrated vehicular combat game Fireburst. Its post-apocalyptic gameplay is a mixture of huge, crazy action in Wheels of Destruction and the gritty splendor of Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage. There are 16 different characters to burn up in 12 unique locations. Both singleplayer and multiplayer modes are available, even 4-player splitscreen, so no need to hop online and hope for a game; you can make your own! Are we ever getting to the “win” part of this giveaway? Yes, we are.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of Fireburst simply have to sign up for the Gala Giveaways and click the button to enter. It’s as simple as that. Winners will be automatically contacted through their Steam profile.

Find the massive Fireburst Steam key giveaway here.

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