Soda Drinker Pro Has A Game In A Game

vivian clark

A new project from the Soda Drinker Pro team has emerged by the name of Vivian Clark. Strangely enough, the game has existed inside their soda drinking game for a while, but is now coming out of the shadows as a fully backed concept.

We say “strangely,” but given the quirkiness of Soda Drinker Pro itself, we really couldn’t expect anything else. Even their official emails themselves are presented as marketing scams, which our spam filters enjoy greatly. About Vivian Clark: It’s a game inside a game, where players become any other entity they touch, which continues the story. This sets up a variety of new worlds and experiences to chain together organically in one weird playthrough. It’s accompanied by the team’s reliance on childish drawings and bright colors. We hope it also comes with inspirational quotes as: “I wish I could eat soda.” All jokes aside, it actually is an interesting concept to pursue, going from one game segment to the next.

Vivian Clark is looking for $20K in funds through Kickstarter, so it may exponentially expand its world. You can donate here.

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