Sonic Marvel Cave In This Week’s Xtreme eShop Downloads

Marvel Avengers Battle for earth

This week’s digital Nintendo downloads for Europe focus mostly on the Nintendo Wii U. Still, there are some additional titles for their other platforms as well and lo; we have videos for a ton of them.

First up, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth will arrive on Wii U at a price of €49.99, after its reveal last year. In this action feature, players can take their pick from up to 20 Marvel universe superheroes as they fight off the Skrull invasion. The game is set in the Secret Invasion era, where the extraterrestrial Skrulls try to take over Earth through their use of shapeshift abilities that allow them to mimic the likeness of superheroes.

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Smaller titles this week include The Cave from Double Fine’s collaboration with Sega. This platform game allows players to create a team of 3 different heroes, from a total selection of 7. As each person has their own unique skills, it should have some replay value. You’ll explore underground amusement parks, castles and the likes. Going deeper underground will cost you €12.99, though in true indie fashion there is a free demo available if you need some gameplay to decide your purchases. Another small title launching for Wii U this week is the port of Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition. This 2D platform shooter mixes some old tropes with fresh new visuals for €9.99, though you can get it for €6.99 until February 7, 2013. The game comes from prolific developer Wayforward.

We’re still not done with the Wii U. Lastly, there’s a demo for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed coming to the eShop this week. If the game is as good as it was on consoles, we’re sure you’ll love every second of it.

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On the Nintendo 3DS, puzzle fans will enjoy the addition of Picross e2. If you’ve beaten the previous title, then you can still your hunger with 150 new problems to solve for €4.99. Equally priced at €4.99, you can try 35 Junior Games. It’s a more classic feature that gives you a chance to experience things like chess, solitaire, air hockey or darts in 3D for a low price. This week’s DSiWare once again comes from EnjoyUp Games with Snowboard Xtreme. It’s exactly what you think it is and will set you back €1.99.

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Finally, the Wii will receive Babel Rising where you can kill petty humans as they try to build a tower to the skies. Murder costs just 500 Wii points these days.

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Let us know if you plan to pick anything up this week.

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