Steam’s Big Picture Launches With A Sale

Steam Big Picture

Steam has released its Big Picture feature that allows gamers to connect their Steam account to their television, through their PC. Admittedly, this is primarily a laptop function in practical sense, but if you’re tech savvy to set up a few cables, anyone should be good to go.

Through the new service, PC games can make use of the house TV, which is probably more suited for big family gaming sessions. To commemorate, Steam is holding yet another sale, almost back to back with their Thanksgiving effort. These 22 selected games are the company’s best suited picks for couch gaming and so all of them will have full controller support. In case you’re not sure which ones to grab, we’ll hold a selection for you and list it below:

  • Warhammher 40K: Space Marine
  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
  • Wizorb
  • Castle Crashers
  • Sonic Generations

Our favored pick and a game you should pick up regardless of playing it on a television is THQ’s underrated Space Marine. At just €4.99/$7.49, this third person shooter reinvents the duller chest-high walls genre with some great tactical combat and gruesomely connecting multiplayer.

Those that want to have a more arcade-like experience can pick up Geometry Wars for just 1 buck or WizOrb for an even smaller $0.74/€0.62. That’s less than 2 dollars for an entertaining time shooting things like old times. If you have some friends around and want to relive the arcade days like a champ, then we recommend Castle Crashers at a price of $5.09/€4.07. It features traditional side-scrolling combat action from the Golden Axe days. Lastly, if you can spare some cash, then get Sonic Generations for $7.49/€7.49. There’s definitely a classic theme running in our choices.

You can find all games on sale here.

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