Ten Minutes Of Marvel Heroes Gameplay With Deadpool And Storm

Marvel Heroes

The upcoming MMO Marvel Heroes from Gazillion Entertainment has received a new developer diary. Around 10 minutes of gameplay are shown, as CEO David Brevik of Gazillion guides us through what occurs on the screen.

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Brevik is mostly known for his involvement with Diablo and Diablo II. Therefore, the action RPG style of Marvel Heroes would seem to be in good hands, given the success of prior titles. Controls should be easy to pick up and gameplay will remain straight forward. Click to move or to attack, kill enemies and reap the benefits; then repeat. Marvel Heroes will use nodes for experience and the likes, which players need to pick up, lest the spheres deteriorate over time. Additionally, loot drops will be handled for players on a singular basis, which means that if an enemy drops an item it will only be visible for one player. This eliminates loot rushing.

By integrating tons of environmental objects that the player can interact with, the game tries to bring more variety and realism to the superhero MMO. Players will be able to launch trash cans, while stronger characters can lift large objects such as cars. Realistic physics are performed by the employment of the Unreal Engine, which is also known for crisp visuals.

After completing a run and a boss fight with Storm from the X-men, Brevik shows us some new characters. It will be possible to change characters on the fly in Marvel Heroes and the long list of playable options should make for a variety of ways to play. In this case, the action changes to the mercenary Deadpool. We also see several outfits that will be applicable, such as a pirate version of Deadpool. After some more bashing and an encounter with more story events, in this case the infection that creates Venom, we end with a boss fight against the Green Goblin.

Marvel Heroes is currently in closed Beta.

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