The Ivory Towers Of Indie Royale’s Starry Nights Bundle

Indie Royale Starry nights Bundle

Another Indie Royale serving is upon us with the Starry Nights Bundle. It will contain a total of 6 games, with 5 titles known so far. We’ll list all known features in a list below:

  • Sword of the Stars: The Pit
  • Bientôt l’été
  • Tower Wars
  • Sentinel

We’ve discussed the Sword of the Stars roguelike spin-off before. It should be perfect for those that enjoy dungeon crawling with a spacey vibe. For a much more esoteric atmosphere, check out our personal recommendation, Bientôt l’été. Its gameplay is based on wandering around, looking for lost love. For Tower Wars, the gameplay stays more traditional, with a multiplayer tower defense game on a hex board. These three titles are available through Steam. Sentinel switches the tower defense model with some rhythmic gameplay, like Lumines and that type of games. Finally, QRTH-PHYL sounds like the first half of a Steam code. It offers arcade gameplay where you eat pellets in a set of neon lit stages.

Currently, the deal floats around €4.15. You can buy Indie Royale’s Starry Nights Bundle here.

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