The Splatters Coming To Xbox Live

SpikySnail Games has announced that it’s bringing The Splatters to Xbox Live Arcade this spring. This physics puzzle game can best be described as a mix of LocoRoco and arcade stunts. Players take a set of weird fluids and try to perform as many crazy antics with them as they can. The game is said to remain as open-ended as possible, leaving level completion up to the imagination.

The Splatters XBLA

Gameplay will thrive on skill and determination. Progress will see new elements appear in the puzzles with additional creatures, liquids, stunts and explosions. One of these implementations will be a ‘Flip’ mechanic, which alters the direction of the physics applied in the puzzle.

Stringing together stunts and making a play as creative as possible is rewarded in multiple ways. For one, more flourishing moves will get higher scores and receive cheering adorations from crowds. Additionally, an in-game “Splatter TV” feature will allow players to record their best runs and share them with the world. For those that played EA’s Burnout Crash last year; the arcade style flash and instant gratification look a bit similar to that title.

The Splatters Gameplay

SpikySnail Games is one of the rare indie development teams to hail from Israel. The Splatters is their first release and has already garnered attention from the indie scene. They were heralded finalists at the Independent Games Festifal (IGF), Indie Game Challenge and PAX 10.

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