The Steam Greenlight Good Life

The Good Life

Lately, we’ve been receiving mails from publishers big and small to promote their games on Steam Greenlight. It seems that this platform for the recognition of small indie titles would be open to people already in the awareness market, but it isn’t stopping the mails from coming. Iceberg Interactive told us that they’ve gone the green route for their new release, The Good Life.

This simulation title is comprised of a 2-man development team and features things like boats, piracy, realistic conditions and empire building. For what it’s worth, you can vote for the pleasant looking game here.

In other news, during the Steam sale, submissions for Steam Greenlight have seen their fee cut in half and so you can now register your game for just $50. Still, this could be an issue for the smallest of teams, but there are people offering their money for small loans. We’d like to extend the same sentiment under the normal conditions that you can find online. Please note that the money from Greenlight submissions go to charity. That’s also an incentive.

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