The Walking Dead Spreads Its Sickness Worldwide

Repent! Telltale Games released its zombie-flavored game The Walking Dead onto the gaming world. The episodic title based on the comic book series of Robert Kirkman hit the PC, Playstation Network and Xbox Live with Episode one: A New Day. A trailer giving an interlude to the story might help, so here you go:

YouTube Preview Image

The trademarked visual charm of Telltale is fully present in this title once again. The game doesn’t center on officer Rick like the TV series does, but instead players control Lee Everett, a convicted murderer. This sure isn’t Hill Valley anymore.

The first episode is available for 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99. A season pass costs $24.99 and gives access to all five episodes, when they become available. Telltale also plans to release an iOS version of the game this summer.

Walking Dead

As the trailer shows you, the game is rated M and will feature some grueling topics. We probably should’ve mentioned that above the trailer.

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