There Will Be A Confrontation On April 5

Confrontation ubisoftThe miniature wargame Confrontation from manufacturer Rackham is being adapted to a strategy game by Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive. These are the same people who are currently adapting Game of Thrones together with Atlus. It seems they have acquired a taste for fantasy.

The Confrontation game has received a release date and will be coming to PC exclusively on April 5, 2012 in retail edition as well as digital distribution. This occasion has also spawned a few new screenshots, where we can see the Griffin squad in action. The game will use as much source material as possible and will enhance gameplay with visual effects.

confrontation wargame pc

Gameplay will make use of preserving and leveling units by using tactical approaches in combat. Players will be able to unlock new units and choose their side of Griffin, Scorpion, Wolfen or Orc in multiplayer. The wargame scheme will undoubtedly get comparisons with Games Workshop’s Warhammer franchise. However, it is not yet certain how far these similarities will stretch in-game.

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