This Is What Akaneiro’s Signed Poster Looks Like


Oh, we almost forgot to tell you: Spicy Horse sent us a signed poster of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters today. It’s the item you receive if you pledge $135 or more to their current Kickstarter campaign. Their delivery service is terrible, as we had to almost literally snatch it from the person who was at the door and didn’t want to bother dropping it off, but at least the sheet is slick.

It’s made of a thick, plasticized canvas and measures a rather impressive 85cm over 60cm. The middle print is solidly fused in there, though we’re not so certain about the splatters on the side, but to each their own, probably. We’ve taken the liberty of taking pictures in detail so you can see each part of the poster up close. It will also give you a chance to look at all the signatures from the development team, such as creative direction Ben Kerslake.





We tried to figure out each squiggle and we’re pretty sure that this is American McGee’s signature.


Naturally, we immediately and shamelessly display all scraps we receive, so here’s a view of how this poster would fit on a wall.


Finally, I’d personally like you all to see the intensely creative way they spelled my name. I couldn’t make that stuff up if I tried. Davow? I think that’s my new frat name. I’m deeply sorry about the Instagram picture, if such trends are ridiculous to you. We’re just trying to stay “with it,” as the kids say.

The poster also came with world’s most minuscule USB stick, which almost got chucked in the trash along with the wrapping. It came loaded with some artwork, the game and most importantly the full soundtrack to the game, which we’ve enjoyed a lot. Unfortunately, we couldn’t in good conscience offer this to you in full, but coincidentally we also received a message from Spicy Horse that the game will remain in Open Beta for yet another week, until the 31st. While they stomp out bugs and do further balancing, you can enjoy this blending assortment of track for yourself in-game. You can play it here.

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