This Week’s Euro eShop Downloads Are Already Dead

Fist of the North Star

This week’s European eShop downloads scale back the large piles of software we’ve seen in recent weeks. Still, most Nintendo consoles will receive their share of goodies.

Once more, the new Wii U receives a full title release with Tecmo Koei’s Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2. Fans will undoubtedly recognize the anime series by name. This fighting title combines Fist of the North Star with the Warriors series and is set at €59.99. It will feature a storyline for Raoh, together with one for Bat and Rin. A Legend Mode will take on the story from the series, while Dream Mode will focus on what happens in between chapters.

On 3DS, the biggest digital release is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, as previously reported. You can join the race for €39.99. Additionally, the handheld receives Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D, which is the mobile version of the realistic firefighting game announced last year. Players can aim hoses, swing axes and break down doors in first person for a price of €9.99. Platform title Fractured Soul will get a demo to try out, after being released earlier. Here, the action takes place on the two screens of the 3DS simultaneously, which literally adds another dimension to gameplay. Finally, the 3DS will release the classic Mega Man 2 for €4.99. It’s Mega Man and he’s back, but not in pog form; just as the same platform icon.

Sengoku 2

Wii owners receive yet more arcade fighting classics with Sengoku 2. Originally released in 1995, this side-scrolling Neo Geo title lets you beat up ninjas or samurais and even allows you to cut people in half. Perhaps you’ll even ride a dragon before it was cool. Taking this oriental acid trip costs 900 Wii points.

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