THQ Brings Back Arena FPS With Nexuiz

THQ has announced that it is bringing arena FPS to modern consoles soon with their title Nexuiz (pronounced Nexus). This shooter goes back to the roots of games like Quake Arena and Unreal Tournament with its fast, sliding gameplay and flashy visuals. In order to create a striking presentation, independent developer Illfonic will make use of CryEngine 3. THQ states that this is the first game to use the powerful engine since Crytek themselves used it for Crysis 2.

Nexuiz Arena FPS Preview

The game tries to bring back ‘twitch gaming’ with its incredibly fast-pace and lavish implementations. Apart from the weapon sets or single and multiplayer capabilities, one of these outlandish trademarks is its powerups called ‘Dynamic Mutators’. Nexuiz is said to contain over 100 of these game changers, amongst which are Jet Packs, Nukes and a weird color blind mode that renders the screen in black and white.

YouTube Preview Image

THQ isn’t lying when it’s dropping names like Quake III and Unreal, as the trailer switches to some levels that show a frightening resemblance to these classics. Even character models seem to hover just like they used to. The only difference is a ton of lighting effects. Nexuiz is part of the Xbox Live’s House Party program and will come out as a timed exclusive on Fevruary 29, 2012 for 800 Microsoft Points. Afterwards, it will also appear on Steam and Sony Entertainment Network.

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