THQ States Reimbursement On Adidas Lawsuit Dismissal

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As you may have heard, Adidas recently told us that it had reached an amicable resolution with THQ over their miCoach game. The two parties were in conflict after the game publisher failed to produce the game tie-in. After a brief reappearance error of the game onto the THQ radar, we got in contact with both parties that divulged the title would not get published by THQ and Adidas would ‘get it to market without delay’. Angela from THQ has gotten back to us with an updated statement from THQ that releases more info from their side:

“Adidas and THQ have reached an agreement under which Adidas will dismiss its lawsuit against THQ and a third party will reimburse THQ for certain of its development costs incurred in connection with the MiCoach game, thus enabling the third party and Adidas to bring the game to market.  THQ has no financial liability to Adidas or any other party in connection with the game.”


The statement implies that the same third party that reimbursed THQ will now take on the game, indicating in a possible buyout of the license. This might be the best possible outcome for both parties, as Adidas now can finish the title elsewhere and THQ comes out with a clean slate and no losses.


  1. blaster April 3, 2012

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    Looks like THQ isn’t going bankrupt. Management seems to be making good business moves. Not only did they get out without paying anything but THQ got paid for it’s source code! As long as Darksiders 2 isn’t a flop this summer, THQ will probably be in good shape.

  2. Division April 3, 2012

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    THQ already published a fitness game, UFC personal trainer. It is totally buggy. I would never buy a fitness game from THQ. Let’s see what the “third party” makes out of it.

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