Three Free Game Downloads To Save You Some Cash

Cannon Brawl

We have some more free downloads set up for you. With all those bundles asking you for some scratch, it can sometimes be refreshing to just try out some games for free. Who knows; with some of these demos you may also learn about some upcoming titles.

Our first download is Cannon Brawl that just launched its Alpha demo for a 2D tower defense game mixed with elements from the Worms series. Bright, colorful visuals give life to this hectic playboard where you set up shields and lob missiles at the enemy on destructible landscapes. You can find the Cannon Brawl demo here.

Steampunk League

In The Steampunk League, players strap on a mechanical device on their back as the adventurous representation of Tesla, in his fight against his peers. It’s a platform game with action elements built with the Unreal Development Kit. Its 3D visuals look decent so far, though it may want to tweak the rigid combat and platforming elements. You can test The Steampunk League here.

Dead Cyborg

Finally, episodic adventure game Dead Cyborg has released its second chapter for free. This full game with heavy post-apocalyptic atmosphere lets players walk around in first person and solve puzzles like the days of old. Its release schedule is based completely on donations from its community. You can download Dead Cyborg’s second episode here.

Let us know if you pick any of these up.

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