Top 10 Indie Picks For Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight

Valve has officially launched their indie promotional platform dubbed Greenlight. This action seeks to bring in the community to rate which games they deem worthy of Steam’s attention. By voting up (or in lesser extent, voting down), gamers can make their personal judgment of a list of games, both old and brand new. Right now, the new platform is experiencing a rocky start, with numerous duplications and a list of fake titles. However, we’ve been patient enough to sift through the list of around 500 games to bring you the 10 best titles in need of your support. All you need to do is click on their page, give it a thumb up and add it to your favorites, if you want the game to succeed.


For those that liked Sonic, but hated his 3D mark on the world, this platformer with shooting elements will bring back fond memories. With its graphic pen visuals, Cloudbuilt looks like a game where that outlined sense of speed from anime series gets combined with action-packed platform elements. The only thing we could see getting in its way is the control scheme being demanding for twitch precision. Still, should it work as needed, this would be one thrilling title.


Bomb Buddies:

This game is easily summarized as simply being a Bomberman rip-off, but wait. Is it a) that bad to have 1 Bomberman game on Steam and b) having it for free to play with all your friends? Bomb Buddies is fast and adapted for the modern generation. Seeing as Konami pretty much suffocated our childhood hero to death, this free arcade title looks like it could fill that void, with explosions.

Bomb Buddies


With the amount of overlapping titles currently waiting on Greenlight, it’s sometimes hard to make a decision. There are so many strategy games, generic RPGs and platformers that they all seem the same. Swoooords is the best of the dungeon crawling genre flooding the platform. It offers procedurally generated dungeons and more importantly multiplayer in a roguelike. It’s even possible to hook up some gamepads to the PC and have a few sessions with your friends on the couch. The game is easily remembered, as the O’s stand for the 4 players available.



One of the main advantages on Steam is its largely available community for multiplayer games. That’s why a lot of the selection is based on that element. Gimbal might be the purest title to spark some friendly competition. With customizable vehicles that realistically affect its physics and team based shooting, this game looks well-designed and fun to play. It’s definitely a twist.



While we’re on the multiplayer subject, Kenshi might be the purest singleplayer game out there. It’s an RPG that wishes for games to add as much realism as possible. As such, gamers don’t get to play a hero, but merely a person in the world, trying to survive. The freedom of that choice is completely left to the player: Play aggressively, peacefully, cunningly; it’s all up to you. I’ve played the earliest stages and it definitely delivers what it promises. Kenshi is a genre-breaker.


Kill Fun Yeah:

We already reported on how great this game is. Now is your chance to get it to a platform where you can easily get into the fray. It’s fast, it’s colorful, it’s action at its highest form and most of all it’s crazy like a rabid raccoon on meth. Platforms and deadly shooters collide into this multiplayer extravaganza.

Kill Fun Yeah


This stylish title is our pick for platform games, because it does more than just hop around and run. Contrast is set in the dim-lit era of the 1920s. The atmosphere is recreated in a captivating genuine manner and it adds a unique shadow element to that. Players can manipulate light sources and use this manifested shadow play to leap into the shadows itself and use it for overcoming obstacles. It’s certainly one of the prettier titles in this list.


Wheels of Destruction:

We reported heavily on this title before and for good cause. In its release window, Wheels of Destruction saw itself bundled up with several other vehicular combat titles and out of all of them, it’s the one that was most misunderstood. Using an innovative control scheme and tricky classes, this multiplayer title remade car combat how it once was. It deserves a second chance.

Wheels of Destruction

Organ Trail:

Older gamers will immediately recognize this title from a classic in edutainment called Oregon Trail. A little wordplay changes the whole dynamic and as such, Organ Trail is quite like what you’d expect it to be. Shooting zombies, managing supplies and surviving the trek cross-country; that’s what it’s all about I this game, fitted with pixel art for emphasis. Dying of dysentery might be the least of your problems for once.

Organ Trail


Another wordplay worthy of some attention. Fans of 8bit RPGs and mysterious secrets of yore will want to play this colorful game, made in the traditional pixel style. NEStalgia is an MMO that offers turn-based battles and exploration like all the games you used to love on the older platforms. We’ve played this game back when it was on the BYOND channel and it could certainly use the community to make it flourish, as playing alone is a death sentence in this Nintendo-hard game.


Note that there are still plenty other titles you might enjoy, so go and show your support.  We’d also love to hear from you. Which games do you like or are you a developer trying to get a game approved? Let us know and we’ll certainly take a look.

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