Torchlight II Available For Preorder With Steam Incentives

Torchlight II might be moving out of Diablo III’s way like SpellForce did, but at least the people at Runic Games are still quite busy with updates. The developer announced that preorders for the action RPG title are now live.

People can pre-purchase the sequel of this capable Diablo clone on either Perfect World  Entertainment’s website or Steam. As an added incentive, people that preorder through Steam will get a copy of the original game for free. The price tag is set at $19.99/€18.99.

In addition, Steam also has a four-pack deal that yields the value of 1 free game with the purchase of 3 Torchlight II preorders. Another point of view is that it just has a sizable discount on getting the game in fours. Torchlight II is more fun with friends anyway.

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