Total War: Rome II Details How Its Sound Is Made

Rome Total War 2 audio effects

Sega has some more news on Total War: Rome II. Its highly lauded PC series details sound creation for the latest title.

YouTube Preview Image

In order to get acquainted with the historic setting, developer Creative Assembly will offer a prologue in the campaign that is heavily set on narrative. Voice actor Mark Strong was brought in to rally troops and players alike with his gravely tone that is heard from up close in the clip. His role for commanding officer Silanus will follow a route from a regular trooper to a true position of power within Rome. Naturally, this will be done through battle. He previously worked on movies such as Kick Ass.

Another aspect of sound is provided with a background soundtrack that has to draw people in. In order to do so, the composer looked at footage and stills of the game. This should help to pinpoint a certain identity to the game with music. Total War will feature orchestrated pieces, conducted by someone who previously also worked on The Dark Knight and I Am Legend.

Finally, there’s also an interesting section on sound effects and through what lengths recording engineers have to go, in order to get it just right. For instance, they made use of actual props, such as genuinely forged blades, armor and so on. More so, some of them had to don their equipment to be bashed for the purpose of recording; all in a day’s work.

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