Try Platformines And Rogue’s Tale If You’re Random

Rogue's tale

We have more indie projects for you to try out. First off, releases a Beta for their roguelike Rogue’s Tale. The game follows a strict set of D&D rules, with lots of dice rolls and comparison to checks and modifiers and so on. You’ll be able to play a Rogue whose ultimate goal is to overthrow the King of the Frostmourne Keep and take their place on the throne. It does require registering an account. You can find a free download for the Beta here.


Developer Magiko Gaming released a demo for their roguelike platform game Platformines, which you might remember from an earlier Beta. The demo adds a few things, like bazookas and metal snakes to its randomly generated version of platform shooters. Its goal is to use the demo to get an approval for Steam Greenlight. The page on Steam and a download for the demo can be found here.

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