Try The Free Endless Space DLC On Steam This Weekend

Endless Space

Iceberg Interactive stays dedicated to bringing free content to its games. The 4X strategy game Endless Space received its second batch of additional content and in addition has launched a free-to-play weekend on Steam, along with a 50% discount.

The complimentary DLC called Echoes of the Endless not only brings more gameplay content, but also extends some of the atmosphere in the game. Through the strategy title’s GAME2GETHER community’s voting power, the add-on added exploration rewards and more random events, along with Wonders and more map activity in general. It’s starting to feel like a Civilization game in there. There is also more diversity in music, narration and end illustrations.

You can also access 5 new heroes, a sentry mode for your ships, interface facilitation for idle troops and revamped hero ability trees. Multiplayer possibilities have also been enhanced and stabilized.

During the free-to-play weekend, players can also unlock rewards during its dedicated event. This unlocks more buildings, technologies and so forth, depending on how many players there are. So grab your copy on and start playing. You can find Endless Space on Steam here.

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