Ubisoft And EA DId A Thing At E3 Too

Ubisoft EA E3 2013

Now that we gave you a rundown of how Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are duking it out, we should probably take a look at those other press conferences at E3 2013. They might not have a console, but both EA and Ubisoft seem to choose their allegiances in some form.

On the EA side, we see a lot of support for Xbox One. Publisher PopCap games will make a third person shooter called Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Now, players fend off waves of undead with several classes of plants. It gets pretty crazy, at least.

star wars battlefront ea

Mech shooter Titanfall is also an Xbox exclusive and features agile robots, wall running dudes and lots of guns. We’re hoping to see more great things from this, as it looks a little like that free-to-play Gundam game Japan got a while ago. Sneaky as they are, EA then teased a new Star Wars Battlefront. Everyone went nuts over the title screen, but nothing else was shown, unfortunately. Mark your calendar for the next big trade show, because we want more from this.

Recent franchises also receive new iterations, such as Need For Speed: Rivals, which seamlessly transitions from singleplayer to multiplayer, but also Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third in the series.


Sports still hold a sizable section in the EA stable, so the company made certain to mention the wild innovations for the new generation of consoles. NBA Live 14 taught us the ability to now render ball physics. At Sony’s conference, NBA 2K14 showed us that the next generation has mouths that are the stuff of nightmares. Also, Live will allow for constant updates; not weekly or daily, but consistently on the fly, as it happens. We like the sound of that. Madden reworks the linesmen mechanism to be a lot more impactful and gets all next gen with the footwork, but we can’t remember anything other than the hilarious appearance from music artist Drake for the next FIFA. We’d like to see how much EA had to clear from their budget to make this weak-hearted shill occur. Just remember: You, the consumer, are the one that will need to pay for that farce in the end; EA isn’t making Drake do a little dance for our entertainment. Frankly, the douche factor for their new UFC game was too much to go into detail about. Let’s hope they make a proficient game like THQ did. EA has sports in their DNA, so there’s no reason to think they can’t do it.

With two more tricks up its sleeve, EA rolled out Battlefield 4, which now has Commander Mode, to observe play from above, like in Nuclear Dawn. Additionally, players can access the game from their tablet and aid in the fight that way, once more showing off the good in Smartglass connectivity. It closed off the conference with the announcement of a new Mirror’s Edge. In all, EA did a great job to sidestep the marketing pleas this year, to actually show off a ton of games. They may be predictable games, but let’s not kid themselves. EA doesn’t make profit with the Fancy Pants Adventures; they make it with guns and sports.

Aisha Tyler E3

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Ubisoft is staying the steady course as well, with the return of Aisha Tyler, who also sported a girlwood shirt to antagonize the critics of last year. “We totally didn’t expect that,” we muttered with a sarcastic tone, as we prepared for an evening of bad jokes. Still, the worst offender that day was the use of grunge as a marketing tactic, with Alice in Chains taking the stage for music teaching tool Rocksmith.

Both Splinter Cell Blacklist and Rayman Legends are still alive, though they didn’t show much action. There was a sizable portion laid out for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. This free-to-play MMO from Ubi won crowds over with a foul-mouthed trailer, which was followed up nicely by South Park: the Stick of Truth showing off its farts. Don’t expect high-brow stuff in this conference.

We’ll just pack all other old titles in one big bunch, because they showed frightfully little new things. There are more Raving Rabbids games inbound, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag exists, so do Watch_Dogs and Just Dance.

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The Trials franchise isn’t new either, though it will try to innovate with 2 new games: Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier. One will come to main consoles and widen its known gameplay features, while the other will drop on mobile devices. More importantly, Ubisoft has 2 new IPs that will be coming to the next generation of consoles. A racing game called The Crew will allow players to customize cars from the wheels up and feature team play in a giant open world. Our pick for the show would be Tom Clancy’s The Division, which sends another futuristic third person shooter our way, but one that seems to run fluently, with a seemless interface integrated into the game and RPG elements. It’s not much, but it certainly is a start.

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