Unity Engine Drops iOS and Android Fees

Unity Game Engine

Unity Technologies, the company behind the popular game engine with the same name, has announced that it is scratching off fees for mobile device development. Starting today, developers that want to publish on iOS or Android can do so for free. This service was previously marked at $800.

There was already a similar promotion last year, which offered a mobile license for free for a certain time. Now it will be possible to publish mobile games in the build menu free of charge. There will be additional support for Blackberry and Windows 8 devices, once these are implemented in the engine. Restrictions may still apply, as the release states that “basic tools” are included within this agreement.

Prior to this, PC and web browser development were the only things that were given out free of charge. Head of Unity Technologies, David Helgason, stated: “We were able to make Unity free for the web and for desktop computers a while ago, but have been dreaming of doing the same for mobile for what seems like forever. Mobile games development is possibly the most dynamic and exciting industry in the world, and it’s an honor to be able to help so many developers be so successful in fulfilling their visions and in building their businesses.

You can download Unity 4 here.

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