Unity Stops Flash Support, Starts Gambling

Unity Gambling

Unity, the people behind the up and coming game engine, have announced partnerships with companies mostly known in the gambling and entertainment business. Two deals have been signed, one with SHFL Entertainment and another with Bally Technologies, for the use of the Unity Engine for their company.

Hereby, Unity makes itself a prominent middleware application between developers and the gambling sector, as its technology will be used to create slot machines, video units for things like poker and other interactive applications. For instance, Bally offers ways to bring traditional gambling games over to other platforms, such as customers’ mobile devices. That way, they can experience the casino experience “on the go.” Gambling enterprises will be able to delve into a community of almost 2 million people who use the Unity engine.

In recent news, Unity has also announced that it would stop support of Flash deployment, as it has lost faith in Adobe, stating:  “We don’t see Adobe being firmly committed to the future development of Flash.” The company also notes the instability of recent Flash edition, while it sees its own Unity Web Player grow in popularity. While Flash support will eventually fade away, Unity will continue to support its customers throughout its Unity 4 engine cycle.

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