War of the Roses Free-to-Play Details And Bundle Additions

War of the roses

Paradox Interactive announced War of the Roses: Kingmaker, which bundle all previously released downloadable content (DLC) into one gold edition. Medieval PC multiplayer with third person melee combat will reassemble in this package deal at the end of the first quarter of 2013.

Along with granting access to all armors, weapons and perks released since October 2012, the Kingmaker edition will also include 2 new game modes, namely Assault and Assault Castle. These will follow simple attack and defend rules. A new update will additionally grant free access to a new forest map and some armor pieces.

Upcoming plans for War of the Roses include DLC starring British actor Brian Blessed and a trial version of the game. This free tryout will serve as a “vanilla” experience that allows players do dive into all online battles with paid customers, but at a slight drawback. For instance, free players will not have access to any unlocks and so will be confined to the basic loadouts. Moreover, Paradox announced in their stream yesterday that the trial version earns coins and experience at only half rate. However, purchasing the full version will rank up players to their full value of both. This should give people a choice to either play for free indefinitely or enhance their experience with a purchase.

This sounds like a pretty damn good deal to us. The trial version is scheduled for February 6, 2013. We hope to see you on the battlefield then. Fans might also rejoice to the fact that the Beta inclusion of mounted archers are still planned to return at some point. In the stream, Gordon Van Dyke mentioned that these were pulled because the designers weren’t fully satisfied with them, but they do still plan to work out the flaws.

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