Wargaming To Fund Tank Education Center

Wargaming Education Center

It seems like there’s no stopping Wargaming from their endless endeavors outside of games. Their latest act of philanthropy includes a sponsored gesture to create an education center in The Tank Museum in Bovington, England. This location is the largest tank museum in Europe and is currently holding Tankfest 2013, where the game company is present for the third time to push their free-to-play online title World of Tanks. It seems like a match made in heaven.

Wargaming’s education center will take place in a previously unused space in the building. A grant of £80,000 will allow for this room to be fitted with a modern AV system and 20 top of the line computers, complete with touchscreen functionality, as well as have room for 60 students. Teaching will be in the hands of staff, some of whom were granted the Sandford Award for Heritage Education. Around 7000 children visit the museum each year.

Previously, Wargaming has had their hand in sponsoring expeditions to retrieve lost artifacts, it has launched its own dedicated eSports league and has a selected amount of custom clothes with its brands. The company is also acquiring other studios left and right, such as the recently troubled Gas Powered Games, known for games such as Total Annihilation and Dungeon Siege.

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