Warlock: Masters of the Arcane Tutorial Video


Paradox Interactive also preps the world for their games by prematurely sending out a tutorial video to a game no one has played yet. Their latest clip for Warlock: Masters of the Arcane quickly goes through the game’s features.

YouTube Preview Image

The hacky Sean Connery impression starts off by giving a rundown of the interface players will need to get accustomed to. The map, city screen; diplomacy, research and spell book buttons are the main items here. First off, the city screen includes all possible upgrades for the city, such as additional buildings or the recruitment of units. Naturally, requirements for these need to be met. Players will need the proper resources and enough population to place new buildings, but only if they have a hex available as well.

Researching spells is the same as other 4X strategy games like Civilization. Except in Warlock, using such a spell goes hand in hand with a certain timeframe that gets listed in amount of turns needed. The tutorial also goes over basic unit movement as well as their roles in combat. It’s a lot more complex that simply that, but it at least gives a basic idea how world domination can be achieved.

Warlock: Masters of the Arcane also grants players quests periodically. While these are optional, refusing quests from deities can lead to some unfortunate events in your personal fantasy realm. This affiliation to a certain god is also presented in the rundown of diplomacy options.

Lastly, the clip shows off its unique alternative realm element that lets players send their troops to additional worlds through portals found on the map. Caution is advised, as these worlds can house powerful demons that can decimate even the toughest exploration team.

Warlock: Masters of the Arcane will release this May 8 for PC. It’s a throwback to Master of Magic in which I’m personally intrigued in. The preview build already played like an extremely enhanced Civilization V mod.

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