We Explain How To Get The Most Out Of GalaStore Discounts

Game sales are not just active on Steam; there are also some deals to be had over at IndieGala. Their GalaStore has listed discounts for all their Steam keys until January 5, 2013. Even if most of their games match the price on Steam, there are some deals to be had, especially if you partake in their Galapoints method.

By purchasing their indie bundles, you amass these points that can give you additional discounts on games. We’ll illustrate this with an option below.

Indie Gala Store

Important detail: The total credit is what's left after the points input.

With an account that has just 2 Gala bundles to its name, I already amassed enough points to spend on several titles; especially considering not all discounts require the same amount of points. This would give benefactors of charity bundles quite an edge on the current Steam listings. It’s even more advantageous for European residents, as the GalaStore matches Steam dollar prices and not the slightly elevated Euro cost.

For those that need some suggestions, we believe the best deals can be found with the Tropico series, The Guild series, Spellforce series and Disciples III Gold. You can find the GalaStore here.

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