The Xbox 360 Receives a Call of Duty: Ghosts Update

Ghosts Patch Notes

As of a couple of days ago, the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty:  Ghosts received yet another update.  Although it didn’t fix big issues like the community wanted, it’s still nice to see that they’re continuously trying to make improvements.  The patch notes, which show what the update addressed, can be seen below.


  • Improved performance issues caused by spamming.



  • Fixed crash in CODeSports play.
  • Fixed spawn crash for specific maps/modes.
  • Additional animations added for broadcaster mode.


Additional Fixes

  • Fixed lobby migration closing the create a class screen.
  • Fixed not showing attachments and weapon camo for players while in private match lobby.
  • Fixed dog’s extended kill not showing properly in final killcam.
  • Fixed loadouts appearing restricted if a restricted perk was selected in specialist strike package even though specialist wasn’t equipped.
  • Fixed split screen UI issue that could potentially leave player in a bad state.
  • Updated X/O buttons to handle properly for all skus.


Our prediction is that Infinity Ward will release an update soon that solves some major problems within the game, so stayed  tuned for more Call of Duty related news

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