Yakuza Dead Souls Features Mobster Mini-Games

The open world of the Yakuza game series is going to take a well-known spin in the near future. For Yakuza: Dead Souls they’ll revisit their bustling metropolises, but this time as a zombie infested game hall. In order not to get bored in between massive zombie slayings with an arsenal of weaponry, the Yakuza can also enjoy a few mini-games. SEGA has released a trailer showing off some of the finer parts.

YouTube Preview Image

There are a wide variety of games to play. Seen in the trailer are baseball practice, bowling, darts and ping pong of all things. Mobsters can also unwind in a nice relaxing bath and take part in what seems to be a music video. Games of chance are an equally big part of the game, featuring things like pachinko, slot reels, blackjack and roulette. There’s even a hint at fishing, though it’s unclear this will be used for fish or zombie heads.

Yakuza Dead Souls Mini Games Trailer

Naturally, the Yakuza will surround themselves with ‘female companionship’ to ease their tensions. Killing zombies can indeed be hard work, but the Yakuza play hard too. Does anyone else think SEGA is taking a few pages from the Dead Rising franchise?

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