Yebis 2 Software Ready For Playstation 4 Development

Yebis 2 Playstation 4

Silicon Studio announced that its Yebis 2 software is ready for development assistance on Playstation 4. This auxiliary software helps game development by adding post-processing filters to visuals.

Features of this shiny tool include a variety of multi-color glare options, realistic depth of field processing that brings focus to the desired part of the screen and motion blur that assists in movement scenes. Additionally, all effects can apply an extra HDR filter, out of a choice of three. Processing will take in account speed, quality and performance. A short trailer shows off the impressive differences that this software can add to visuals. It’s currently being used by some Japanese developers such as From Software, Square Enix or Tecmo Koei. In the clip, we’ll see snippets of the ne Final Fantasy tech demo called Agni’s Philosophy, but also Monster Monpiece and Gunslinger Stratos.

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