Your Sex Drive Could Save GAME

True fact: A chick on her knees holding a controller knows her stuffChain store GAME is facing millions upon millions in unpaid bills and could well go under soon. Many of its suppliers have lost faith in the store’s credit and have pulled out their support, which has only made the spiral go further down. However, there might be a solution coming from a sexy side.

Dating site has pitched the chain an offer they can’t refuse. They’re proposing that the two come together and set up ‘dating zones’ in stores, where affectionate gamers can meet up with each other and socialize. This would range over 600 British outlets and would be free for the site’s 150,000 members. The plan’s prospect is said to gain “millions of pounds” in potential. There’s no real other motive, but perhaps Date a Gamer is counting on social pressure to impress the other sex by offering material benefits. It beats going to a restaurant and picking up a tab. Would you rather have a meal that lasts a few minutes or impress that special someone with a permanent gift of an awesome game? That, or Date a Gamer has the business model of underpants gnomes.

1 date 2 ??? 3 profit? Date a Gamer founder Tom Thurlow mentioned: “Given the choice I reckon many gamers would love the opportunity to socialize in a video game store.” We wonder what the general consensus is on that. Your thoughts are welcome on that argument.

Chain representatives are still to speak out on the matter, but Thurlow is optimistic about a flourishing agreement, stating: “To me it’s a no-brainer.” Quite so.

[UPDATE] – It seems this news is too little, too late. GAME just announced its intention to file for administration. It will however continue business on short-term for now. Hopefully more details later. 

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