Zombie Nazis And Airstrikes In Painkiller DLC

Painkiller HD DLC

Nordic Games released more content for Painkiller Hell & Damnation, which is a fancy way of saying Painkiller HD. With the Zombie Bunker DLC, players receive additional content themed for war and the undead.

In the HD remake, the DLC content will alter a few maps for extra firepower. For instance, Leningrad will be reworked as Stalingrad, to include aircrafts and zeppelins, but also airstrikes that rain death from above. In Area 51 and Cold War, nukes and UFO’s will be hurled at the player. A new multiplayer map called DM Fragenstein will be added as well. Naturally, this comes with a set of zombies, each from their own Axis or Allies faction and equipped with tanks.

To overcome this, protagonist Daniel will get access to two new rocket launchers as environmental weapons, a new weapon called the Morgenstern that is the equivalent of a Morningstar flail and a new Tarot Card.

This content is out now for PC. A console version of the shooter is still in the works and will release on May 31, 2013.

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